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Derince Warehouse


All of your import and transit products are provided with service in accordance with the regulations in our A-type General Warehouse with the code A41000200 that operates in our Kartepe Facility under Derince Customs Office.

The storage area has a closed area of 3000 m2 and an open area of 2000 m².

All products are monitored with the warehouse management system and the stock management service is provided. All value-added services are provided in the warehouses in line with customer requests.

    Parking area for 30 lorries
  • Sprinkler irrigation system against any possible fire in the entire warehouse
  • Fire plugs at every 15 meters
  • Fire exit doors, fire tunnels
  • Generator system
  • 24/7 inspection through technological cameras and security staff
  • Warehouse temperature control through heat and humidity meters in the warehouse
  • Easy entrance and exit thanks to the linking to the highway and side road
  • 44 km to Evyap
  • 38 km to Dubai Port

Distance to Ports